Coffee Break N.11

It’s another wintery week here in New York City, and a busy one at that! You know those weeks at work where you’re barely getting everything but at the same time really excited about what you’re working on? This week is one of those for me – so ya know I’d call it balance. It’s been a couple weeks though since Coffee Break N.10, so I’m bringing it back today meaning you all have an excuse to take 5 minute work break and reset!


In case I haven’t said it enough times… I’m ready for spring and my shopping list reflects that! Luckily, there are a LOT of budget buys that have something special about them these season! Scroll through below for all my favorite picks under $50 this week and if you’re like me – buy now, wear now, and remember that pain is beauty (or in this case, fashion) 😉


  • I recently started a ‘Career Girl Reads’ board on Pinterest and this article about career habits to master in your 20s is probably my favorite piece to be added so far. I personally think item number 3 is the hardest for women in their young 20s to master. 
  • My wanderlust bug is at an all time high right now and the place at the top of my list? Cartegena! Seriously needing to book my ticket now after seeing Olivia (with her cute kiddo) and Ashley head down there! Reminds me of the atmosphere from my trip to Cuba last year and wishing I could go back!
  • I was SO happy to hear that the marketing world is joining in on the Time’s Up movement! In case you need a Mad Men reminder, while there are so many great thinks about advertising (it can do good!) there are still major issues with equality in the workplace
  • Those who know me know I’ve seen most of the Queer Eye episodes multiple times at this point (#sorrynotsorry) and I even have a group chat with friends where my nickname is Tan (major compliment if I do say so myself), so I loved this article with Tan’s picks for spring trends. I’ve got to say I can see myself really getting into the first trend!

Have a great rest of your hump day!

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