Coffee Break N.1

One of the goals I set for myself and When & Wear for 2017 was to get back to why I originally started this blog — it wasn’t all about fashion originally — and with a lot of big changes coming up this year I felt like it was time to bring the rest of my life back into When & Wear. 
So around the new year I started brainstorming a couple ways to do this, and the first step is this new series — Coffee Break — a mid-week break from everything fashion & shopping for an update on what else is happening around here, because who doesn’t need a long coffee break when Wednesday rolls around? I’m planning on staying focused on lighter topics (I get enough of the depressing stuff from CNN and such), but I may bring in some more serious topics as time goes on. However, if there’s anything you all are ever wondering – may it be college advice, NYC tips, or even the occasional book suggestion – please send your questions my way!
And without further-ado here’s what’s new this week…
1. Millennial Podcast – This podcast has actually changed my life in the last week, no exaggeration. Being just a little more than 100 days away from college graduation brings up all these scary ‘real life’ questions, and it is really easy to think you’re the only one who’s freaking out. Even though everyone is graduating together, entering adulthood is surprisingly isolating at times and Millennial will remind you that you aren’t alone. A quick summary — Millennial is written by Megan Tan, who at the beginning of Season 1 has just graduated college and slowly learning how to navigate life and her career. They’re on Season 3 now and I can guarantee you that it only gets better and better (just make sure to start from episode 1).
2. Gal Meet’s Glam Waves – We all have our blogger crushes and Julia Engel is definitely one of mine. Her travels and feminine style just seem to have a magic to them. However, her defining trait has to be her perfect waves and this week I think I’ve finally started getting the trick to create them (but believe me I have so much father to go) thanks to her updated tutorial
3. Cuba Libre Series – So I haven’t mentioned this yet, but I’m going to Cuba for spring break! I’ve wanted to go to Cuba for years and luckily so have many of my friends. I’m excited to not only soak up the sun (this New Englander needs Vitamin D please), but also to get to experience some of the amazing history of the country. It’s been a long time since I’ve taken a history course, so stumbling upon Netflix’s new series Cuba Libre was just perfect in counting down to the trip and I highly recommend the series to both those who know a bit about Cuba and those who know nothing! 
4. Hallie Wilson’s Tinder Tuesdays – Another blogger crush of mine is Hallie Wilson of Among Other Things (formerly Corals & Cognacs) and if you’re not tuning in for her weekly Tinder Tuesdays on Snapchat then you are seriously missing out. You may think you’ve seen the crazy that dating apps have to offer, but you’ve seen nothing compared to the photos she collects from her readers. It is so freakin’ hilarious and makes you question what the hell is up with the world. You can follow her on Snapchat @coralsncognacs (or click here) and believe me you’ll regret it if you don’t. 
5. Zac Brown Band’s New Album – For any of you country fans who may have missed it, Zac Brown Band is releasing a new album in May and I am freaking out! You can find me listening to this playlist for the next 4 months in preparation. 
To those of you still reading, thanks for sticking around and let me know what topics you might like to see in this series in the  comments!
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