Closet Craziness

In the last year the amount of clothes in my closet has almost doubled. Since I’ve stopped growing, started taking better care of my clothes, and buying more expensive clothes I have gotten rid of less and less. My clothes, shoes, and accessories have become extremely important to me but it has gotten much harder to store them all safely. 
So this summer I set out to organize my closet without spending any money. I have a dresser in my bedroom but it is very old (passed down from my great grandmother), and while I love the way it looks in my room the drawers tend to stick and not open. This means I like to keep all my clothes in my closet. I also tend to wear many items every season so I never store things. 
One of the best ways to create space in your closet is to use thin hangers. By using thin plastic hangers I can pack al my clothes in. I’m also lucky to have a closet that has built in shelves and hanging rods, but I actually needed more shelves. I added small shelves that my parents bought years ago from target. They were perfect for storing pants and shoes that wouldn’t fit on the built in shelves. 
The best way to store bags/wallets, and scarves has always been a mystery to me. Now that I have many scarves and bags of all sizes I needed an efficient way to store them all. I ended up buying the stick on hooks even though I didn’t want to spend any money. However, they were less than $10 and completely worth the money. I added hooks to the inside of closet so that I could hang my scarves. Then I lined up my bags and wallets on a shelf going from biggest to smallest. I’m not in love with this way though so if you have a better idea please tell me!
In the end I thought I did a pretty great job! So far I’ve been able to keep everything organized and I love being able to see all my clothes and shoes in the morning when I’m in a rush!
Hope everyone had a great long weekend!
~ Caroline
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