Happy New Year everyone! I love the blank slate of a New Year and 2016 promises to be a year filled with amazing experiences both in my life and blog. I hinted about some pretty big news in my Look Back at 2015 post, and now it’s finally time to let you all in on the secret. 

In the coming weeks Peachy Keen will be getting a new name and design! Peachy Keen is becoming When + Wear. 

A new name has been a long time coming since the name Peachy Keen hasn’t really felt like ‘me’ for ages. I started this blog as a 16 year old high school student, and now three and a half years later I’m more than halfway done with college and a whole lot has changed. Anyone could tell you I’m not the same person I was at 16 and, while Peachy Keen has changed with me these past years, I’ve felt like the name has held me back.

With 2016 I’m ready to really make this blog a reflection of who I am today and where I see myself going in the future. When the full name change goes into effect I’ll explain a bit more about how When + Wear came to be, but until then I’ll leave it a bit of a mystery.

I have a great number of personal goals for 2016 and many of them center around this little corner of the internet. I want to bring you all more content and better content each month, but a large part of bringing the best content possible is knowing what YOU want to see and read. I’ve put together a short survey to get a feel for who my readers are and what topics you like the best and I will be incredibly grateful to all of you that take it. I want to make 2016 an amazing year for all of us, but I need your feedback for that to be possible.

I’ll be pointing out every change that happens here over the next couple of weeks to make sure nothing slips through the cracks and (hopefully) ensure none of you get lost as Peachy Keen changes to When + Wear. For now though, you can keep checking Bloglovin’, coming to, or you can make the change now and bookmark on your browser 🙂

SHOP THE POST: Primark sweater // Zara tee // Nordstrom BP boots // Marc by Marc Jacobs watch // Urban Outfitters necklace (borrowed from my sis)

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