Category: Coffee Break

Coffee Break N.10

We’ve made it to Wednesday, so it’s time for a mini celebration šŸ™ŒĀ  This week has been a long one already… mainly due to the mouse making it’s home somewhere in my apartment. Monday night I reached into a purseā€¦

Coffee Break N.3

I had the realization this past weekend that I only have five more weeks of class as a college student, then I officially graduate and have to be a ‘real’ adult. It was one of those moments where you realizeā€¦

Coffee Break N.2

Doesn’t this picture make you want to drop everything and go find the closest Bluestone Lane? or maybe that’s just me? That’s ok because we’ve reached Wednesday šŸ‘Æ which means I am that much closer to another weekend and anotherā€¦