Casual Thanksgiving Style

Who’s ready for turkey and pumpkin pie?

Thanksgiving is easily my favorite holiday of the year, so I’ve been counting down the minutes until I head home for the holiday on Saturday. While some families like to dress up for Thanksgiving, mine has always been more of a stretchy pants while sitting in front of the TV for the football games kind of holiday – and there’s nothing I’d change about that.

That means when I’m planning what to wear for the holiday I usually find my comfiest (read: loosest) sweater and pair it with my favorite pair of jeans. Since it’s usually freezing when I head to my former high school’s football game in the morning an extra warm fisherman sweater like this one I’m wearing here is perfect. In the morning I’ll throw on either bean boots or casual sneakers and then upgrade to heeled booties for the afternoon.

Pro Tip – make sure your sweater is long enough to safely cover the top of your jeans so you can unbutton after pumpkin pie if necessary…

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