Caroline’s Covets N3

Earlier this week a club I’m apart of had an event with Banana Republic, Lancôme, and Pucker about the dos and don’ts of clothes and makeup for an interview. While I don’t recommend wearing really any of the pieces above for an interview, the biggest thing I took away from the event was the need to look put together. In a formal interview that usually means a suit (sadly), a nice blouse, and a great pair of black (low heel) pumps with a fresh face, but for everyday you should play around with what works for you. No matter your style though, I feel the key is to start creating a wardrobe that almost feels like a brand inspiration board
I will always have a few pieces I love that seem to go with nothing else in my wardrobe (prime example here), but for the most part I want my wardrobe to seem cohesive. As more pieces complement other pieces the whole idea of looking ‘put together’ seems a lot less scary because your wardrobe reflects who you are and looks great at the same time. 
And of course speaking of looking put together, this collection of my favorite things on the web right now highlights pretty much everything I plan on wearing this spring. You’ll be seeing me solely in black, white, blush, and navy with a little bit of snake print and the always classic stripe thrown in. I plan on picking out more than a few extra-feminine pieces, like this blouse, but they’ll feel a lot less girly paired with casual slip ons or a well fitting denim jacket (not shown, but I desperately need one). The best part of all these pieces working together is that when my budget only allows me to get a few new things I’ll be able to mix-and-match my way to twenty new looks. 
*Striped top+skirt set can be found here!

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