Caroline’s Covets N.4 Shopbop Sale

Warm carefree months feel so close now that it’s getting warmer outside. Buds are popping up on trees everywhere and the warm wind keeps reminding me that real winter isn’t coming back. At the beginning of every season I love to take advantage of sales like the Shopbop sale because you can get new pieces without having to spend full price. Instead of waiting until the end of the season when sizes are often gone or everyone else already has your favorite pair of sandals, you can get your favorite pieces right now. 
Shopbop always has my favorite feminine pieces, no matter what the season. While looking through the newest additions to the site I couldn’t help be be drawn to lacy pieces with fun cuts. I already know that my go-to look as the weather warms up is casual BF jeans with a lace top and pretty flats. Plus, what would an installment of Caroline’s Covets be without a few striped pieces 🙂 
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