Caroline’s Covets N.14 Graduation Gifts Under $50

Graduation for most college students is right around the corner if it hasn’t already happened, and this year I have plenty of friends graduating (insert tears here). It’s a bit crazy to think that many of my close friends are going to be real adults in the next couple of weeks and have to start dealing with everything that comes along with that (apartments, full time jobs, student loan payments, etc). While most of it seems pretty scary, it’s also so exciting and if what I’ve told been told is true, a great life change from the constant stress of college. 
Of course, as a college student, I want to get my friends gifts that are fun and useful, but don’t break the bank. I’m sure many of you are in the same position, so I’ve put together a few of my favorite graduation gifts under $50. When you’re on a budget I also always suggest to put together a group gift. I love the idea of buying this wooden tray, cocktail set, and coasters with a group to set one of my friends up with a starter bar set. Also, you can’t go wrong with college memorabilia like these embroidered key fobs. You can find a full list of schools available here. Combine the key fob with ad detailed tote bag and your best friend will be ready for work!

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