Caroline’s Covets: Feminine Finds

There are three colors that make up about 80% off my wardrobe – black, white, and grey. While these colors will probably always be staples in my outfit rotation, lately I’ve been growing sick of my neutral (some might say boring?) color palette. 
Instead in my various shopping trips (I’ve been very bored this Winter Break) I’ve found myself drawn towards pieces in blush, beige, and olive with more feminine details. Maybe it’s because I’m wishing spring was really just around the corner or because I finally have a spring break trip finalized, but all I’ve wanted to do is bring home lighter (both in color and weight) pieces.  Some, like this belle sleeve sweater I just picked up, are perfect for the colder months still ahead, while others like this chambray dress will have to wait for my trip to come out of the closet. 
I keep reading that a big trend of 2017 is going to be belle sleeves and other statement sleeves, and if that’s truly the case you can sign me up. I love the statement sleeve sweater I already have and definitely see myself adding more blouses and sweaters with statements sleeves to the rotation in the next few months. I particularly love this blouse, this one, and this sweater!

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