Caffe Dante Brunch

Another weekend another brunch… that’s usually how my life goes. While I’ve been trying to eat out less, last weekend truly seemed like a weekend to celebrate. After our conference on Friday my team finally had a bit of time to get together to enjoy a meal and celebrate our success!
To my surprise (since I was very uninvolved in making the reservation) the five us met up at Dante, an adorable spot that I’ve had on my list for a while! You know those places you pass daily and say ‘I have to go there sometime’? Well this spot is exactly that for me. 
To get to the point… it was ah-mazing! Not only was the decor adorable and classic, but the food was absolutely incredible. Every dish on the menu was unique and way better than typical brunch food that can get pretty blah after a while. I got pumpernickel french toast with caramelized bananas, but I’m already planning to go back because the baked eggs and avocado toast looked delicious. Plus, the iced coffee was amazing and was the perfect finish to the meal. 
If you’re in the Greenwich Village area or shopping in SoHo I highly suggest Dante! Once the weather warms up I’m definitely going to have to go back so that I can sit outside and enjoy the spring weather.
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