Brighter Days

{photos from my tumblr}

I’m in the middle of studying for my mid-year exams that that start on Tuesday. Luckily, since I’m a senior a few of my teachers are being nice and having us give presentations instead of giving exams. I still have three pretty hard exams to get through though.
 And really, who doesn’t find ways to procrastinate while at the library? Days like these are when tumblr becomes my best friends and worst enemy… maybe a frenemy? Short breaks turn into 20 minute stalking sessions. 
I’m definitely thinking of sunnier days and brighter colors right now. Maybe that’s because I’m stuck inside while the sun shines or maybe because I’m ready for it to be spring! Whatever the reason, I’m definitely ready for a change. 
Wish me luck for the next week! These will be my last mid-years of high school and I’m hoping they go well! Then I can let the senior slide begin. 
~ Caroline
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