Blazer urban outfitters (old), Sweater unknown brand,
 forever 21 jeans, City Classified boots
For Christmas my parents gave me these gorgeous boots! I’ve already used them for a few outfit ideas on the blog and now I can really wear them all the time! I started off the day pairing them with my maroon pants, comfy sweater, and a blazer. I ended up changing into a pair of flats after the bottom of my boots got sandy. 
Looking at these pictures I wish I had worn a thinner sweater because layering the thick sweater and blazer together isn’t the most flattering on me. However, it was really comfy and perfect for a lazy christmas day. 
Happy Friday! I have a few more days off from school but since I’ll be missing a few days next week to go to Austin, Tx I have to force myself to do some homework.
~ Caroline
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