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Topshop dress, Madewell chambray top, Madewell plaid shirt, J.Brand jeans, J.Crew bracelet, J.Crew balls bracelet, Zara leather bag, Madewell flats, J.Crew jacket, Madewell sweater, J.Crew sweater

I love shopping at places like Forever 21 and H&M just as much as anyone, and probably more. These places are perfect when you are looking for a cheap outfit or trying out a new trend. Almost 50% of my wardrobe is probably from places like Forever 21. However, when your looking for classic pieces it’s better to pay a little more for better quality.
 I’ve always had a hard time finding jeans I like, but after buying a pair of J Brand jeans a few weeks ago I think I’ve found my brand. They fit perfectly and are a great price and quality. For other pieces like fall/winter jackets, sweaters, leather bags, and flats paying a little more can insure that they last for a long time. J.Crew and Madewell are always great for these types of things. A great dress that can be worn casual as well as dressy is also a piece I will spend more for (though the dress above is only $44!). I’m probably the queen of cheap jewelry. I rarely buy expensive jewelry, and I never buy expensive earrings (I’ve lost almost every pair), but buying bracelets that are easily stackable and classic is worth the money. The ones above from J.Crew are two of my favorites right now. 
~ Caroline
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