Back to College: Tote Bag Essentials

With school just a couple of weeks away my mind has been on getting organized for what is sure to be a busy semester. Once you’re finished packing for school and planning out your schedule it’s time to start thinking about your on-the-go organization. 

While I know some people prefer a backpack during the semester, I’ve always loved carrying a great tote that can take me from class to meetings to an internship. A basic tote in leather or sturdy canvas is always the way to go. After you pick a tote it’s time to start filling your bag with essentials to get you through the day. 

Notebook: I carry my computer everywhere since I use it for most classes, but I also like to keep a notebook in my bag for the classes where laptops aren’t allowed. Staples’ Arc Notebooks are my favorite since you can add and remove sheets. I’ll write all my notes for the day in one notebook and then sort them into separate notebooks when I get home at the end of the day. 
Pouch with pens, highlighters, and hair elastics: A pencil pouch filled with pens, highlighters, and paperclips is essential.  I love Pamela Barsky pouches for a little fun during all your serious classes.  A red pen and a highlighter will keep your class notes organized! Plus, you should always keep a hair bands on hand for windy walks to class.
Snack + Water Bottle: Most days I make time for a filling lunch, but sometimes my schedule gets to crazy and I forget to eat until I’m starving. Having a healthy snack bar on hand ensures when the hunger hits you don’t get hangry and exhausted. A water bottle is must-have for everyone so that you stay hydrated and alert in class. 
Agenda + Calendar App: I only remember assignments when they’re written down in an agenda, so having my weekly planner on hand is necessary. Unfortunately though, a agenda isn’t enough to keep track of my schedule so I use Sunrise Calendar on both my computer and phone to record meetings, events, and due dates. 
Light Jacket: Whether it’s a freezing classroom or cool fall temperatures on my walk home I always carry some type of layer with me. The best option is a jacket or sweater that can be rolled up and put in my bag when I’m not wearing it so that I don’t end up leaving it hanging on the back of a chair somewhere. 
What are your tote bag essentials for the semester? Please share!
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