As The Year Ends…

2012 was a pretty great year for me. It was filled with great times with my friends, trips with my family, and many firsts and lasts. 
One of my favorite christmas cards we received this year listed the family’s top ten moments of their year. There were small moments to big events written down. I love the idea of reflecting over all of 2012 so I thought I would try it out. 
1. Going to the AMS conference in New Orleans. If you are ever in New Orleans go to Jaques-Imo’s. Seriously it is ahhh-mazing. They serve classic New Orleans food and I had this delicious rabbit with pasta dish. 
2. Touring Colleges in the South with my mom. After seeing Vanderbilt we checked out Nashville, which turned out to be great (even if I’m under 21). 
3.  Visiting my former home, Wilmington NC, with my family. I love this picture from the top of a hotel on the beach. One highlight of the trip was seeing the river court from One Tree Hill as it was being taken down. I was too young to appreciate One Tree Hill when we lived in Wilmington but now I’m a huge fan!
4. Dad turning 50! Our trip down to Wilmington was a present for my dad. This was the other present for him that my sister and I made. Maybe the most creative present I’ve ever thought of. 
5. Rockport in the Summertime. We take at least one day trip to Rockport in the summer. Walking through the town and seeing tall the boats is my favorite!

 6. Seeing the Iron Man Triathlon in Lake Placid, NY. Every other year we visit friends for a week in Lake Placid and I hope the tradition never ends. We always watch the cyclists come in and see the winner. I could never do an Iron Man but it is fun to watch!
7. Going to New York City and visting my future school. In September I had no idea I’d be applying early to NYU but when I saw the school and Greenwich Village I knew I needed to go there.
8. Meeting Scott Schuman. I’ll never forget that night!
9. Getting into NYU. I still get butterflies anytime I think about it! 
10. Boston Lights at Christmas. I love walking through Boston Public Garden at night time around Christmas. The lights on the trees and bridge are gorgeous. 
2012 was a year to remember but I have a feeling that 2013 is going to be even better. There will be many changes this year in my life and I can’t wait for them to begin!
~ Caroline
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