As Summer Fades

As summer ends each August I usually look back at the past months and realize I haven’t accomplished nearly anything I set out to at the beginning of the summer. This summer is no different. Some of my main goals for the summer were to reread The Great Gatsby, get extremely organized, catch fireflies (something I haven’t done since I was little!), and finish college applications.
 I have yet to reread The Great Gatsby, but since it is not too late I will be starting it tonight (I still have three weeks!) I also found it is much harder to find fireflies than you would think, and college applications are the bane of any high school senior’s existence. Needless to say, I will not be finishing them before school starts. 
The one goal I did focus on this summer was getting organized. However, I haven’t done everything I hope to have done before school starts. I’m starting to realize that this upcoming school year is going to be exhausting (but also fun) and I’m not going to be able to focus on keeping things organized. This means I need a system that requires no effort or thought. Since I can’t stand when my clothes are piled up everywhere and papers are falling out of my binders I have been trying to brainstorm easy ways to stop the clutter that tends to build up in my room. Below are some pictures that have helped with my brainstorming!
Visible calendars make sure I never forget a work shift or assignment! 

Amazing organization for magazines and school books. As well as a cute side table!

More of a dream than a possibility, but hanging everything makes finding things easy. 

Jewelry organization that could display my favorite pieces. Also no worry of tangling necklaces! 
All pictures are from my Pinterest


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