Apartment Tour: My (Tiny) Bedroom Escape

I can’t even tell you how excited I am about today’s post! I moved into my first real apartment at the beginning of June and it’s been a serious work in progress since then. Switching from a college dorm (albeit a very nice one) to a walk up apartment was definitely a big change, but it’s made me feel even more at home in New York. While my bedroom is smaller than some many people’s closets it’s my escape and I love getting to come home everyday.
Instead of moving in an decorating right away I actually spent most of the summer with pretty bare walls and no decorative pillows. Despite my bedroom mood board from earlier this year, I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted, especially with the serious space constraints. The room definitely still isn’t complete (still need curtains and the perfect throw), but once I put down a rug and hung pictures on the wall it really started to come together. Of course, similar to my clothing style the room is mostly black & white with pops of color and plenty of stripes.
Keep reading for my suggestions on where to buy inexpensive (yet high quality) pieces and more pictures of my space!
As a college student I need an organized desk that also doubles as a vanity table. A cork board over the desk leaves room for a bit of inspiration as well as pictures of family and friends. I try to keep all my books and notebooks for classes stored in drawers so that I can turn my mind off from school and at the end of the day. Oh and I’m seriously proud of the fact that my chair is an old farm chair that I spray painted black to fit the room!
So this rug is easily one of my favorite parts of my room! I needed to bring in some stripes and I love having a rug to stand on while I get ready in the mornings. Plus, I found this rug for less than $15 at Marshalls!
My gallery wall is definitely a work in progress, but I feel that’s the way every gallery wall should be. Since I’m definitely not able to invest in any serious artwork I clipped some of my favorite magazine photos to fill my frames. The Lauren Conrad inspired “My Favorite Position is CEO” quote never fails to get a smile out of my friends. Easy tip – use Command picture hanging strips so that your pictures can be moved around easily.
Fun fact about my apartment, there is not one closet in the whole place. For a girl who loves her clothes (and shoes, and bags…) the whole no closet thing was a bit scary at first. Luckily I was able to buy this amazing armoire from the student who lived in my room before me (aka no assembly required). So far it’s been absolutely amazing for storing my wardrobe. Baskets on top of the armoire and some storage below my bed have also really helped. The hanging baskets are a new addition and they are perfect for scarves and shoes that I wear on a daily basis.
And there you have it. I wish I could say there was some hidden closet somewhere that I’m not showing you (because that would mean I actually had a closet), but this is everything from my little NYC room. The biggest piece of advice I have for decorating, whether it’s a dorm room or apartment bedroom is take your time. By taking time to figure out what I really wanted I put together a space that is more me than any of the other spaces I’ve lived in. There are still things I want to change and little pieces I want to add, but I’m not rushing anything. Shopping around at discount stores like HomeGoods and Marshalls, stopping in at thrift stores, and repurposing pieces pulled from your family’s basement are all well worth it in the end.
If you have any questions about my space don’t hesitate to ask. I’m linking to as many products and similar items as I can find, but many of the pieces weren’t found online. It isn’t shown in the images below, but the black & white striped euro pillow is actually a Kate Spade euro sham I found on sale at Bed, Bath, and Beyond
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