Am I Crazy?

Jacket Gap (old), Blouse Forever 21, Jeans Vigoss, Boots City Classified
I love jeans. More specifically I love bright colored jeans, pastel jeans, and even patterned jeans. I bought these patterned jeans after Christmas from Nordstrom and I’m just utterly obsessed with them. 
I wore them for the first time to school yesterday and received many remarks, both bad and good about them. One of my friends had no words for how much she hated them, but many people also said they loved them. 
I often find pieces I love that others hate, but crazy patterned pants are definitely a little out there for me.  I loved the outcome though and will be wearing them plenty more times!
What do you all think? Am I crazy? Are my pants a little too out there?
~ Caroline
p.s. I also love these floral pants for spring that I saw on B Soup
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