Easy Friday Pairings

A couple classic accessories (& a coffee) is pretty much all you need to make a great outfit.

I’m feeling in a bit of an outfit slump right now, my guess is it’s mostly due to this prolonged winter, but I just keep going back to the same easy combo of jeans + blouse + flats. While this combination is pretty classic and can work for pretty much any plan I have, sometimes it can start to feel a bit blah.

In an effort to bring a little life into my basic (pre) spring outfits I’ve loved updating a few of my accessories! This bag & these sunnies were the first of the accessory purchases, but I’ve since added another scarf (see how much I love my silk scarves here) and some dainty necklaces. My ears have sadly closed up after years of not wearing earrings, but I’d love to be able to add a pair of tortoise earrings to my spring accessory rotation as well.


I’m heading to DC tomorrow morning and the weather(wo)men are saying to prepare for snow… SO if you have any suggestions for what to do inside in DC please send them my way!

Have a great weekend!


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