A New York Story

For those of you that don’t know I have an obsession with New York. Though I’m not sure obsession is the right word because usually an obsession is bad or unhealthy, but this is completely healthy. From this post you should know that I think NewYork has a certain magic about it. My mind has been centered around this beautiful city for a few reasons recently so when I saw these beautiful photographs from the November issue of Madame Figaro (whose website translates almost perfectly thanks to google chrome!) shot by Alexandre Weinberger I fell in love (again). The photography perfectly captures what I love about New York; the city, the fashion, and the attitude. 
Hope everyone’s Monday went well! I’m counting down the days until Thanksgiving. A few days off from school will provide much needed time for sleeping, relaxing, and a few pesky college apps I have left .
~ Caroline 
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