Moving Update!

Last week was a roller coaster, but I’m happy to be writing that we officially signed a lease and I’ll be moving to Williamsburg next month!


A week or so ago, my boyfriend and I officially started the hunt for an apartment. For those of you that don’t know the NYC rental market it’s nuts. You really can’t even start looking for a place until 3-4 weeks before you’re going to move in. It’s still mind boggling to me, despite the fact that this is my 4th time doing it. I think we saw 14-15 apartments in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. I got my heart set on one apartment and after putting in an application we found out we didn’t get it. Real talk, I started crying at dinner. Lots of tears in my margarita (but also thank god for the margarita).

After having a bit to wallow, we put in an application for our second choice place. To be honest, at first I just wasn’t excited about it at all. Then I got the chance to go back and do another tour to take measurements. I headed over at lunch time and got to see just how beautiful the natural light was in the middle of the day. How awesome the space really was. It hit me how much I had emotionally attached myself to the first apartment. This apartment really was great.

In this relationship Sayyid is generally the more level headed one, and he could see how great this place was from the start. Of course he was right and immediately after I left that second time I knew it was the right place. We signed the lease yesterday and get the keys on the 24th!


Soooooooo now my brain is moving a million miles a minute planning our move and space. I’m sharing a sneak peak above, but will take you on a full tour once we pick up the keys! There will be lots of mood boarding and saving links over the next few months as we make the apartment feel like home.

A few things I love about the space…

  • Beautiful natural light throughout – The bedrooms have great windows and there is a skylight in the living room that lets in so much light. There is even a window over the kitchen sink!
  • Tons of closet space
  • It’s on the 2nd floor (no more 5th floor walkup!)
  • I’ll have an actual office space – super amazing since I’ll be WFH for the foreseeable future

There are also a few things I don’t love… of course.

  • I *hate* the maple cabinets.
  • The dark counters and ugly tile floors in the kitchen make it feel dark
  • The living space is laid out a bit weirdly. It’s very long and narrow

I think I’m going to try my hand at some “rental friendly’ renovations to brighten up the kitchen and will definitely be hunting for furniture to fit the awkward living space, but I’m super excited for how it will look when everything comes together. I’ll be sharing more once we move in of course, but my goal is to take things slow and try to be thoughtful about everything we purchase for the space.

Thanks for following along! All inspiration photos can be found on my Pinterest page!

xx Caroline

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