A Morning Schedule


For college (and high school) students summertime means a completely different schedule. Whether it’s switching to a 5 day a week early morning internship or a late night summer job it’s definitely different than the months of school and studying. I’ve mentioned it a little bit in my posts recently, but my schedule this summer is all over the place. Between babysitting a few days a week right now, my job at an ice cream store, and a couple different projects a week for my internship my schedule changes everyday. This weird schedule has really been messing with my sleep and my mornings even though I’ve really always been a morning person. I mean I don’t know anyone who likes to get up at 5 in the morning (including myself), but I am someone who gets the most work done in the morning. During school I was waking up at 5:30 so that I had time to get ready, eat breakfast, and catch up on news and my favorite blogs. I had a consistent schedule which made it really easy to follow a morning routine, but when I got home all of this fell apart. However, after reading this post by Carly on The College Prepster a couple of weeks ago I was inspired to really take back my mornings. 
Some mornings I’m working at 8, some at 10, and sometimes I don’t even start work until 4 in the afternoon if I’m working at night. With this weird schedule I was waking up at all different times and almost always tired. Recently I switched back to getting up at a consistent time (with a little flux) and early enough to have time for my relaxed mornings I love so much. After waking up (only one snooze!) and showering I spend a half hour or so eating breakfast, watching the news, and scrolling through Bloglovin. Then I finish getting dressed and ready for the day (including cleaning up any giant messes created the day before) and give myself ten minutes to schedule blog and social media posts so that I’m not worrying about it throughout the day. Finally I either head to work or find the best spot to work on projects that are on my to-do lists (and I’ll have a post about those lists soon!). 
Just as Carly said I’ve been feeling so much better since I’ve gotten back on schedule and my days are more productive when I’m working on my own projects. What do you all do to stay on track in the morning?
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