5 Steps to Starting the Semester Off Right

Spring semester is fast approaching (and for many of you I’m sure it has already arrived.). The best way to achieve your goals is to start the semester on a good note. So, I’ve put together the 5 most important steps to starting your semester off right!

1. Sit down and pre-write events for the semester in your planner

You know those meetings in a month or the conference you’re attending in May? Well they may seem far off now, but time will wiz by so take time now to write everything down in your calendar or planner so that you don’t miss anything important. Plus, it’s always good to know how your schedule looks in the long term. You may not have even started thinking about that crazy important english paper due in two months, but if it’s written down in your planner you’ll know not to commit to a huge event the weekend before. 
2. Write down your weekly schedule
As important as it is to look forward you must also know what is happening on a weekly basis. I like to start the semester off by creating a weekly schedule image with all my classes, club meetings, work meetings, and shifts for admissions ambassadors. The first few weeks I check this schedule all the time, but as the semester continues having things written down makes it easy to remember when you are and aren’t free before you make commitments.
3. Create a plan for each of your classes. 
Are you going to use your computer or a notebook for notes? Which professors are going to give out handouts and which expect you to write your own notes? These questions can usually be answered after your first class so during the first week of school make sure to figure out your plan for each class so that when the real work comes along you are already organized. 
4. Organize your desktop. 
Go through last semesters desktop folders for your classes and then consolidate them into a ‘Fall 2014’ folder. Delete any work that you’ll never look at again or draft versions of essays so that your archives aren’t full of junk. Then set up new folders for your classes and projects this semester. I also like to create subfolders for certain classes such as Problem Sets, Essays, etc.

5. Get into a healthy daily routine. 
If I don’t get into a healthy routine the first week of classes then it isn’t going to happen all semester. Starting off the semester by eating three healthy meals, getting enough sleep, and going to the gym will set you up in the best way possible to continue those healthy habits for the rest of the semester. 

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