It’s Friday, which means the first thing on my mind is usually BRUNCH! My friends know that if you offer up a weekend brunch I’ll basically agree to do anything. If I had to choose between breakfast food or dinner food I can tell you I’d easily pick pancakes or eggs every time.

There are only a few places I go back to time and time again for brunch and this summer Hundred Acres has become one of them. So while I’m no chef or restaurant connoisseur I thought I’d share a few of the things that keep me going back to a brunch spot. 
1. A changing yet reliably delicious menu. One of my favorite parts of Hundred Acres is that every weekend the menu is slightly different. They switch between pancakes and waffles and also change the menu around seasonly. Summer cornbread? Check. Fresh berries? Double check. 
2. A fun and classic aesthetic. The design of a restaurant is even more important when it comes to brunch. Unlike dark dinner services going out for brunch should be bright and happy. A major plus too is if the waiters add to the aesthetic. The striped shirts the waiters at Hundred Acres wear are just perfect. I wish I could have gotten a picture to share!
3. A LARGE iced coffee! Coffee is always important (duh) and when I head to brunch an iced coffee is always my go-to drink. Too many places bring over a tiny coffee that I finish in under five minutes so then I end up paying for a second one. If I’m having brunch and a waiter brings over an iced coffee large enough to last my entire meal the restaurant gets an A+ in book. 
4. Just around the corner. Time and time again I make half hour trips to try out new brunch restaurants, and while this is often worth it there is something about being able to walk around the corner for a delicious meal. Plus, when the food coma hits after brunch you’re only 5 minutes away from your bed 🙂
5. A (unhealthy) goey drool-inducing pastry. Ok, so this might be a little Hundred Acres specific, but I can’t get enough of their cinnamon buns. Starting with the warm sticky buns has given me an appreciation of a brunch appetizer. 
Now that you’ve heard my two cents about brunch go forth and make reservations at your favorite spot this weekend. Happy Friday!
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