2015 Resolutions: Blogging, School, & Life

Welcome to 2015! I spent most of yesterday actually trying to figure out what my resolutions for 2015 were going to be (and also watching a decent amount of Greys Anatomy). The last 6 months of have my life, while actually being filled with a decent amount of work, have felt mostly like a vacation. Going back to school in a couple weeks is definitely going to be a reality check. I’ll be taking on school, an internship, admissions ambassadors, and two exec. board roles in clubs I joined freshman year. Don’t get me wrong, I actually can’t to get all of this started, but I can already feel the early mornings and long nights ahead of me. So, my biggest resolution for 2015 is to master the balance of these things; life, work, school, and blogging. 
I’ve written Peachy Keen for over two years now and I’m determined to take it to the next level. That included building a real editorial calendar and stepping up my graphic design skills. I’ve played around with a few different design tools, but I want to sit down and actually go through tutorials so that I can gain some knowledge.  I’d also like to try and start adding videos into some of my posts, maybe with room tours or styling outfits (all tips are welcome!). 
The next two semesters are big ones when it comes to school and I’m determined to do well. A big part of that is staying organized, which means going through papers, taking good notes, and writing down all assignments. I always have amazing professors, but I’m the worst at going in for office hours or asking for help when I need it so I need to start working on that. Finally, as much as it can be tempting to sleep later when I don’t have class until 9:30 (and no class on Friday) I am going to work on getting up before or at 7am so that I have a full day to get everything done. 
Every new semester brings changes and life gets crazy pretty easily, but I want to try and remember the important things this year. Making time for friends and exploring NYC are must-dos because I don’t want college to just pass by me without experiencing all the amazing things that NYC offers with my friends. After injuring my ankle this summer and then my knee this fall working out has been pretty nonexistent in my life, so with the new year (and healing joints) my goal is to get back to a normal workout schedule to get back shape. 
What are your resolutions for 2015? Do we share any goals? I’m always looking for other great (and attainable) goals!
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