20 Pretty Candles Under $20

candles under $20

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All this extra time at home means I’ve been burning through my candles faster than ever. I love lighting a candle (or a few) in the evening to relax, especially since I feel like it transforms my bedroom from the work day focus area to a calming spot to unwind.

If you’re anything like me than you only ever shop for candles at TJ Maxx and Marshalls and don’t know what to do right now since they’re closed. There’s just something about finding an amazing candle for under $10 amidst all the not so great options… Something very random that I definitely won’t take for granted again.

Since my candle supply is running low I figured others might be in the same position, so I searched the internet for the prettiest candles under $20! Now of course I can’t confirm the scents of all these, but I have to say that scents like Citrus Grove and Amber Vanilla Sandalwood are very enticing.

I’m honestly having a hard time deciding which candles I’m going to order, but I think this navy one and this 3-wick candle (such a good deal!) are going to make the cut!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! xx

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