10 Must-Haves for Every College Wardrobe

Back to school season is in full swing and it’s hard to believe that some people go back to school in less than two weeks. Luckily, I have until the beginning of September to relax and refresh before a hectic school schedule begins! In preparation for going back to school though, I have my top ten pieces for a college wardrobe. One of the most common questions I hear from soon-to-be college freshman is what to pack for school and while my dorm room packing list covers most everything, it doesn’t cover clothes. While not every school is the same and you’ll need more then than items in your suitcase, these are the pieces every girl should have. 

1. Dark skinny jeans 
Classic dark skinny jeans are a must-have in anyone’s wardrobe. Find a pair that’s comfortable with no rips and you’ll be able to wear them anywhere. 

2. Fitted blazer
A blazer is one of those pieces that can pull any outfit together. Seriously a fitted blazer in navy or black will upgrade your jeans and tshirt look for class and make you look extra put together for an interview. 
3. Sleeveless blouse
A sleeveless blouse is a great layering piece for every season and occasion. I’d start with a classic black and then buy a few other colors that work in your wardrobe. 
4. Black pumps
Black pumps should be everyone’s starter heel. You’ll undoubtedly have both professional events and parties where a black pump will accent your outfit perfectly. Make sure they’re not too high that you can’t walk well. 
5. Day-to-night skirt
The key with a great skirt is that it can be worn for many occasions. Unlike a dress that can only be styled one or two ways a skirt can take on so many lives. Take time to find one that is something that defines your style in just the one piece (for me it’s leather and pleats!).
6. Striped sweater
Maybe I’m just partial to stripes, but a striped sweater is really one of those pieces you’ll wear over and over again, especially on the days when you open your closet and say ‘I have nothing to wear’.
7. Classic tote
An easy classic tote that is big enough to hold a laptop is a must-have for class and weekend study sessions. Plus, a great leather or canvas option is way cuter than a backpack. 
8. Heeled booties
Once again, heeled booties are a go-everywhere kind of shoe. They’ll elevate your jeans and sweater for class and are the most comfortable shoe for going out on the weekends. 
9. Field Jacket
For cooler days a classic field jacket will keep you warm and polish off your look more than a sweatshirt ever can. 
10. Easy weekender bag
College is filled with plenty of weekend trips, so don’t be stuck using a giant lulu lemon bag to pack for a short getaway. 
With these ten pieces you’ll be on the right track for building a fun, yet put together and professional wardrobe to take you through your college years. The most important thing I’ve learned in the last two years about dressing during college is you really want to be prepared for everything. Looking like a slob really isn’t any option when you have classes, club meetings, office hours with professors, presentations, and even an internship to head to. Every piece you invest in should be multi-functional and classic. Then, once you have the basics, start adding in fun trendy pieces each season!
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