10 Instagram Accounts Inspiring Me in the New Year

Did you guys realize we passed the 10 year mark of Instagram’s launch? I’ve had Instagram since I was a junior in high school and it’s kind of crazy how much of my life has been affected by this app. I mean, my job and industry are almost entirely fueled by the growth of Influencers, so I wouldn’t be where I am without it.

That being said, I know that Instagram can have a hugely negative effect on our lives at times – the comparison game, cyber bullying, the effect of “likes” those are all quite real and can leave us feeling upset and frustrated. Despite this, I still believe that Instagram and social media can have a positive effect and I’ve been putting extra effort lately to ensure my feed is both inspiring and informative.

Since I love when others share their favorite Instagram accounts I thought I’d do the same today to start off the week! I will say it was pretty hard to pick just 10 accounts, so I may have to do a follow up sometime soon.

1. Jess Kane | @jessicankane

Jessica Kane, the Brand Manager at Cupcakes & Cashmere, is one of the people on Instagram these days who always make me smile. I am so excited when she posts new desserts and look forward everyday for her round up of stories with pictures of her day including delish homemade coffees, home details, and her adorable cat Mimi!

2. Noelle Downing | @noelledowning

Noelle Downing was one of the first “curvy” influencer I remember following and I still love following her for incredible body positivity, incredible NYC apartment decor, and a lot of affordable and inclusive fashion picks.

3. Janea Brown | @jnaydaily

I love following home accounts of renters because so often homes you see on Instagram have been customized in ways you’re never able to do as a renter. That’s how I discovered Janea, but while it’s part of the reason I follow her the main reason is because of how candid and just real she is. Her photos are gorgeous of course, but the captions and the IG stories is where is incredible personality really shines. (also you will be soooo jealous of the place her roommate and her just moved into!)

4. Ashley Kane | @ashleykane

Ashley Kane’s bio says “to make living itself an art” which rings true is everything she shares. Everything from her vintage home finds to casual style is just so beautiful and thoughtful. She also just bought a house with her husband and has a baby on the way!

5. Fran Acciardo | @franacciardo

It’s surprisingly tough to find content creators in their young 20s (though maybe that’s because I’m no longer in them LOL) but Fran is someone I’ve followed for years and I am constantly inspired by her content as it evolves. I’ve currently been loving her casual style and daily rituals she shares on her stories. She’s preparing to move to NYC this year, which I am *so* excited about!

PS she’s also the one whose content convinced me I needed combat boots, which are currently my favorite shoes!

6. Megan Martinez | @bohobeachbungalow

Megan’s adorable bungalow in California is honestly up there in my dream home inspiration, but I specifically love all the small details she shows and shares of her home like dishes and and small corner vignettes. She also often shares amazing recipe inspo!

7. Danielle | @ournestonpowell

I’ve shared Danielle’s account on my Instagram before, but I had to include her again because she is truly one of those people I go directly to her page each day to see if she’s posted anything new. She is DIYing her builder grade home and I love that she is just taking on everything for the first time and sharing her experiences. My favorite project of hers so far has been creating a rounded arch in the entry to her living room.

8. Rae Ann Langas | @raeannlangas

Rae Ann is one of my favorite people to follow for an everyday confidence boost! She is a curve model living in LA and I *love* her styling videos like the one I shared below. She’s almost amazing on tik tok which should be of no surprise if you watch her videos (you can follow her on TikTok HERE).

9. Drew Scott | @lonefoxhome

Ok you guys, I am like YEARS behind on YouTube, but I’ve finally been diving into it the last few months and one of my favorite channels is Lone Fox Home. If you haven’t you definitely need to check out his videos, but I also love following him on Instagram for the extra boost of inspo. He now only shares his own projects and finds but also photos from other designers and creators which I love!

10. Morgan Harper Nichols | @morganharpernichols

I found Morgan’s account from a post someone shared on their story and have loved following her since. I always have a hard time putting my thoughts in writing which I think it why I love reading Morgan’s work so much. Morgan’s writing really connects with me and while wish I had a better way to explain that you’ll understand when you check out her page. The photo I shared below is the first of hers I read and really loved!

Thanks for reading! Have a great week!

xx Caroline

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