Travel: Chatham Day Two

 {unknown top, Ann Taylor Loft skirt, Rainbow flip  flops, Bella of Cape Cod necklace, Nordstrom watch}

Happy Tuesday everyone! This week, while filled with many school things I need to do is also filled with many fun events that are making graduation seem ever closer. I’m still getting over a few of my sun burns from this past weekend that taught me a lesson on wearing sun screen. Basically, put sun screen on everywhere. Don’t be lazy and only apply to half your legs because the back of your legs will be scorched. 

Anyways, on my second day in Chatham we went to the beach for a little while and then walked around the center. Chatham is one of the prettiest towns on the Cape and their town center proves to be no different. It is filled with quaint shops and restaurants including a new favorite of mine, Bella of Cape Cod. One of my friends told us that we had to go there and I wasn’t disappointed. Think Stella and Dot style jewelry, but for extremely affordable prices. Everything is under twenty five dollars! I ended up spending probably way more than I should have there and came away with the necklace I’m wearing in the pictures and a few other things. If you are ever in Chatham I highly recommend Bella

Another lesson I learned on our second day was that a well packed suitcase is the best type of suitcase. My suitcase was thrown together at midnight the night before we left leaving me with weird outfit combinations that just weren’t working. Luckily, my friend let me borrow a few things and I ended up loving what I wore for dinner! Thanks Katherine!

~ Caroline

p.s. I’m kind of a meteorology freak and love watching the clouds! I finally saw a halo (the circle of light around the sun) for the first time at the beach!
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