The End of Gossip Girl

{Images from Blair Waldorf Fashion}
Gossip Girl is over. Granted, Gossip Girl has been over for a few weeks now, but I just saw the finally. Gossip Girl is one of the few shows I’ve watched from the beginning until the end. The twist and turns and drama filled episodes kept millions of girls at their toes for years and honestly I don’t think there will ever be another story that can do the same thing. 
Gossip Girl showed everything that is wrong with the Upper East Side and top .001% in the US but at the same time it helped girls like me work through every day problems and strive to succeed. 
The shining example of this idea is Blair Waldorf. Blair changed from spoiled mean girl to confident inspirational business women in front of our eyes.
 My mom often reminds me that Gossip Girl isn’t real and neither are Serena, Blair, or any of the other characters, but I don’t think that is what matters. Blair showed me how you should act and the choices I should make. Some of the time she did that by making the wrong choices and dealing with the consequences and sometimes she made the right choices. 
However, we cannot make light of one of the best parts of Gossip Girl, the fashion. With each episode I was impressed and sometimes confused (but mostly impressed). Blair’s outfits throughout the seasons have shown every girl how they should dress. While somethings never change like Blair’s love of headbands and all things girly, Blair’s outfits changed with her evolution. Each season we saw a new side of Blair and a new side of her clothes. Above are a few favorites from each season!
~ Caroline
p.s. If you have any suggestions for a tv show or book to replace the whole in my heart that has been filled by gossip girl all these years please tell me!
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