The Absence of Color

{Images from my Tumblr}

If you asked my friends they would tell you I’m overly obsessed with white, but I happen to disagree. During the winter I wear some winter white and cream, but rarely do I ever wear stark white, because lets be honest when you put bright white up to my skin in the winter I look worse than a vampire.

As spring is finally starting in the NorthEast (translation: we now have slush instead of snow) I am starting to crave real white again. If you scroll through my tumblr/pinterest feeds it becomes very obvious that I am obsessing over white. People always say that white is the absence of color (and sometimes they say that for black too, so I’m not sure what to believe), but I think white can make a bolder statement than many colors can.

 The pictures above are just a few of my favorite pictures from tumblr. Enjoy!

~ Caroline

p.s. the last picture is from a blog I just discovered and now love, called Lemon Stripes

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