Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This year I have so much to be thankful for and so many people to be thankful of. Everything changed this fall when I left for college, but the people around me, my family, old friends, and new friends have made the last few months incredible. It is amazing to think that a few years ago living and going to school in the city was just a dream and now I wake up every morning to the New York City skyline. 

As I headed home for Thanksgiving yesterday I realized just how lucky I was to feel like I was leaving one home to go to another. My friends and roommates at school have become like a family to me since September. I can’t imagine not hearing all of their hilarious stories over dinner every night. At the same time being home for a few days with my family and friends in Massachusetts is something I never want to have to give up. Catching up with the friends I haven’t seen in a few months reminds me how much I miss them when I’m at school. 

I’ll spending my Thanksgiving, and the next few days, making the most of my time with family and friends while I’m at home. 

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving full of delicious food. I know I can’t wait for the pumpkin pie!

~ Caroline
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