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Happy Friday everyone! This week has felt incredibly long, yesterday being the worst. There is a reason for late posting and all around absence from social media yesterday. Yesterday morning while walking back from class my water bottle somehow opened in my bag and managed to soak my computer in a matter of minutes. So the rest of my day was spent running back and forth from the Apple store to Tekserve (they were incredibly helpful) to see if my baby of four and half years could be easily fixed. Sadly, the answer everywhere was no. Moral of the story, don’t keep your water bottle in a bag with your computer because it could lead to disaster. I’m also now on the hunt for waterproof laptop slips, so if anyone knows about any please let me know!
At the end of the day all I wanted to do was relax and indulge in some Netflix binging, but an NYU event at The Met was not going to be passed up. A night with friends ending up being the cure for my ridiculously long and exhausting day, but boy am I happy it is finally Friday. 
I hope all of your weeks have not been as long and arduous as mine has! 
Here are a few things I’ve been loving this week…

Stolen from Dana’s list earlier this week is Jenna Lyons’ Guide to New York.

This designer who lives outside of Copenhagen opened a cafe below his workspace and it is such a cute place!

These quotes from Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, and Mindy Kaling are both funny and inspirational. 

After heating from BBC America’s Marketing Director this week I’ve realized that I need to watch their series Orphan Black ASAP before the second season premieres!

20 flats for spring from Style Caster, most of which are surprisingly affordable, including this pair.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  • Summer mood has been and always will be a picnic blanket 😂❤️Going to be breaking out all the red white & blue pieces this coming week to give y’all some ideas to wear for the 4th 🇺🇸 Linked my fave gingham finds under $100 with 👏🏼 #whenwearstyle
  • Packing up for a long weekend & i cannot wait to get out of the city! 🌿👙Of course my newest read ‘It’s Always The Husband’ is coming along - I am SO sucked in!! 📖
PS my ‘New York’ sweatshirt is on sale right now for only $18!! Linked everything with ✨ #whenwearstyle
  • A West Village Sunday 🌇✨ Rosemarys was one of the first restaurants I went to when I moved to NYC and all these years later it’s still one of the faves ❤️ I ~always~ order the linguine and starting with focaccia is a MUST #whenwearnyc .
Linked my outfit with the app or click the link in my bio! My romper is on sale!
  • All the smiles cause it’s FRIDAY 👏🏼 (and because I added another lighthouses to my list😊) What are your plans for the weekend? I’m so ready for a low key couple days after the past weeks of travel + moving!
My shirts are a TJmaxx find but linked everything else via ✨ #liketkit #tgif #whenweartravels #sharetheeverygirl
  • Easily my favorite outfit from this weekend and both my top & skirt are under $35 👏🏼 Also, my mom calls this my bird cage purse 🦜😂 but I love that it fits so much more the normal evening bag! #whenweartravels .
Linked everything via so you can shop via the app OR at the link in my bio!
  • Going through a serious spicy margarita withdrawal today BUT it’s back to home cooking tonight cause my body needs veggies 🥗😂 #whenweartravels


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