Styled: Midi Skirts

We all have the trends that we follow from afar, whether by admiring street style shots or the pieces our friends own, and for me this trend is definitely full midi-skirts. I love the fun feminine feel of these midi-skirts, especially for spring, but I’ve never actually worn one myself. From the patterned versions to the flowy pleated versions I always find myself drawn to the look of midi-skirts. However, with my short stature (5’4 1/2″ to be exact, that extra half inch is important) I’ve never really thought I could pull off a midi-skirt. With actual spring temperatures finally approaching, though, I keep thinking of just going for it and pairing a midi skirt with a classic striped top or leather jacket. 
How do you all feel about midi-skirts? You can shop some of my favorites for under $90 below!

P.S. I just added a bunch of new pieces to my favorites on the right sidebar!

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