Spring Dresses

Urban Outfitters: purple, crochet, patterned, scalloped
Forever 21: striped, floral, white, starfish

When spring comes I always found hundreds (not exaggerating) of lust worthy dresses. From sun dresses to cocktail dresses I crave all of them! I also tend to have a three color wardrobe. Red, white, and blue take over my closet every spring and summer. And yes I know I’m very patriotic. My friends comment every time I wear a red, white, and blue outfit. What can I say I’m an American who loves her flag colors. 

It seems this spring will be not different as almost every one of my favorite dresses incorporates one of these three colors. If you are looking for more red, white, and blue make sure to check out Urban Outfitters and Forever 21.

I’ve also found so many dresses on Asos this spring. My favorite is definitely the green floral shift dress above. It could easily be dressed up for a shower or graduation party (!) with heels and a nice blazer, or dressed down with sandals and a jean jacket! 
Only a little over a week until spring officially begins! I’m pretending it is spring by wearing florals and drinking Izzes (while shivering). 

~ Caroline
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