Spring Break + Links

Happy Friday or Spring Break if you’re like me and have all of next week off! I sadly won’t be heading anywhere tropical, or even remotely warm, since I’m heading home to Boston. While I would never turn down a beach vacation, I am excited to sleep in my own bed, eat a home cooked meal, and catch up on all the family time I’ve missed. 
I’ll also be showing my roomie around Boston since she has never visited before! On our list is Newbury St shopping, harbor views from the aquarium, and of course cannolis at Mike’s Pastry. I love New York more than any place (ok, a beach might win right now), but Boston is definitely my home city and I can’t wait to play hostess for the week.
Another exciting fun fact is that this is my 300th post! It’s funny to see what has changed and what hasn’t since some of my first posts. I would still wear all of these fall essentials I picked out in August of 2012, but back then I would have never thought my favorite layering piece could be a maroon leather jacket
And finally here are a few things I’ve been loving this week…
These hand picked pinterest fashion DIYs thanks to WWW! My favorite is either the fancy friendship bracelet or the zipper sweater. 

If you are going somewhere warm for spring break please please please buy this dress, wear it with fun wedges at sunset, and send me the pictures so I can live vicariously through you. 

I love SJP just like every other Sex and the City fan and this interview (and apartment tour) with 73 crazy questions is hilarious.

After saying how much I love slip ons for weeks now I finally bought the perfect pair for spring from Asos (for only $34!) after seeing them on Shades of Style

Spring weather makes me want ice cream and sorbet, but I’ve been compromising by drinking smoothies instead (most of the time…). While I’m home for a week I want to try a few of these delicious looking recipes.

Clearly I have a lot of love for my new city and Hallie’s Love Letter to New York made me think about all the memories I’ve made here in less than six short months. 
I hope you all have a great weekend and/or spring break (whether it be warm or frigid)! If you want to keep up with my spring break you can check out my instagram
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