¡Soludos de Madrid!

I finally arrived in Madrid yesterday afternoon (aka early morning for east coast US) and it’s already been a crazy experience. My plane was delayed and I ended up having to get a cab myself and then once I got to my apartment I found out my landlord speaks no english. It all really put my spanish skills (which are seriously lacking) to the test right away. Luckily once one of my roommates (who basically speaks fluent spanish) moved in it all calmed down a bit. We unpacked, explored, and got a bit of dinner outside by the park near our apartment. I already love being here, even with some of the hard adjustments, and I’m ready to get orientation started (because let’s be real, I need some friends). 
Hope you are all having great long weekends back in the US. I’m a little jealous I don’t have today off (#spainproblems). I’ve been going a little insta-crazy so make sure it check out my instagram to follow along. 
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