My Favorite Spring Accessory

Ever since a project I worked on with LOFT last year silk scarves have become one of my favorite accessories for spring!

They work just as well tied onto your handbag as they do around your neck and can make the simplest of outfits look chic. With a casual workplace and mostly low key weekends I live in easy basics 80%. My wardrobe is centered around jeans and tees so it’s easy for things to feel boring, which is why I love how a simple silk scarf can add personality with almost no effort.

My favorite way to tie my silk scarves is to hold the tip of one corner (so that the end of the scarf is a point) and then wrap around my neck a few times until there is just enough to tie into a double knot! If you can, tie the scarf around your hair then pull your hair out once it’s tied to give your neck just a bit of breathing room. There are seriously so many ways to do this though and this Who What Wear article is a must read for inspo!

If you’re looking to add a silk scarf to your closet my favorite places to shop for affordable options are Madewell, LOFT, and Urban Outfitters! This scarf is actually from the ‘Urban Renewal‘ series at UO, which basically meant he UO team went thrifting and picked out all the best pieces – a serious score in my book. Plus, they’re only $10!

Do you guys have any weekend plans? I made absolutely no plans this weekend (I honestly kind of forgot Friday was already here) and I’m kind of loving it!


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