Shop: Spring Flats

I am seriously in love with shoes, though, we have a complicated relationship. I’m pretty picky with my shoes and sometimes it takes me a while to find the right pair, but once I’ve found a pair we are together for life (at least the shoe’s life). 

This spring I’ve found many pairs of shoes I love! Heels used to be my favorite thing to shop for, but recently I’ve started to love shopping for flats. I wear flats much more than heels and I don’t plan to change that anytime soon so it is much more practical to buy flats. There are also hundreds of options for all price ranges.

I’ve already bought two new pairs of flats this spring, one of which are the polka dot Gap flats above. The Gap flats have such a great pointed toe that make my short legs look miles long (always a plus!). I also bought these Topshop flats that go with everything. My favorite pair above is definitely the neutral Asos flats with the pop of pink on the toe. I love the idea of taking a basic pair of flats and adding a small amount of a bright color. 

I’m always looking for new pairs of shoes so let me know if you have any favorites this spring!

~ Caroline

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