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Christmas and Thanksgiving are my favorite holidays, but after that comes the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I’m kidding of course, but as someone who has a shopping addiction I wait for the summer #NSALE every year and actually end up counting down the days until I can go shopping. 
I was planning on running over to Nordstrom as soon as I got out of work on Friday, but an unfortunate trampoline incident (babysitting is the best job) lead to a very swollen ankle so I found myself parked on the couch scrolling through pages of the glorious sale instead of actually wandering around Nordstrom. I’ve already purchased these boots that I tried on during early access, but I have plenty more on my list that I thought I would share with you all. 
As I’ve said before I love NSale because it is the perfect time to invest in classic pieces (ok and maybe splurge on a much loved trend). So I’ve collected a bunch of my favorites under $80 (and most of the pieces are less than $65) that you won’t want to get rid of anytime soon. Of course this means there is plenty of leather, classic prints, dainty jewelry, and oh yeah black. I kind of assumed I’d be over the whole all leather all the time phase by now, but it’s just gotten worse so the NSale is the perfect time to invest in nicer pieces!
Happy shopping to you all! The sale ends August 4th so make sure it hit order on those must have pieces before then and if you have any favorite pieces please share them with me (I can always shop more :)). 
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