SHOP: Must-Have Heels for Summer

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that I have a shoe addiction. After returning home from studying abroad in December (and buying three new pairs of shoes) I actually counted how many pairs I owned. The number is too ridiculous to be shared, but believe me when I tell you I am always looking for a new pair of shoes. So, when I found out my favorite place to shop online, Dressometry, was adding shoes to their site I couldn’t have been more excited. Since I started interning with the Dressometry team last January we’ve grown an incredible amount, but this is probably my favorite addition. More than once I’ve found myself just scrolling through the browse page and losing all track of time. 
While I’ve always been a shoe person I only recently became a heels kind of girl. I will always love a new pair of flats (have a nude pair being shipped currently), but there is something extra fun about buying a new pair of heels. With summer on the horizon (or at lease supposedly) I’ve been thinking about the must-have heels for every girl. Of course, everyone needs a classic black pump to go from work to fun, but during the warmer months there are a few more must-haves for every stylish wardrobe. 
This heel is your ultimate night-time shoe for summer. They aren’t necessarily the most walkable shoe so you should probably reserve them for cab-to-curb kind of nights, but they are so much fun. I always love a neutral option, but picking a bright color or fun pattern can add a pop to an all black look. 
These pumps are the perfect heels to bring you from work to dinner or a party with friends. They will go with everything and make your legs look about a million miles long. They key is to find a pair as close to your skin color as you can (which can be a seriously hard task) so that it looks continuous. 
You should always have a heel that can be worn all day into the night time. A chunky stacked heel is the way to do that when you want to add a little height. I always think a peep toe bootie is the best option, but a more strappy shoe is also fun. You can also switch out the chunky heel for a classic wedge like this.
What are your favorite heels for summertime? Please share in the comments! Plus, make sure to check out Dressometry for your shoe shopping this summer and let me know what you find! If you aren’t a shoe person then take a look at the Design Your Own Dress function on Dressometry because it is ah-mazing!
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