Fridays, especially ones followed by long weekends, are my saving grace. After 5 school days that seem to go on for years a break is seriously needed. Today the skies finally cleared and after a wet and cold week the sun came out at it really felt like fall.
 I also got to break out some of my new favorites. Including these boots! Last weekend I went shopping for a pair a boots and prepared myself to spend almost two hundred dollars. On my budget two hundred dollars is a ridiculous amount to spend on anything, but I hadn’t found any boots that I liked for less. Then I found these boots for $80 from Macy’s (then reduced to $60 through my mom’s Macy’s card). It was like a miracle…love at first sight…and way way less than I thought I would have to spend!
I also got a new iPhone case from J.Crew. They have so many fun cases in different patterns! I couldn’t decide between this french hen case and a black and white chevron. I ended up buying the french hen case and I love it! It is a fun change from a typical geographic pattern. 
~ Caroline 

ps the boots look awkward online…but they are really cute!
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