Saturday Inspiration

{pictures from my tumblr}
This week has flown by and unfortunately I have accomplished very little. I’m definitely stuck in the end of winter slump. Up in Boston spring can easily not arrive until mid april and my parents like to remind me of the huge snow storm we got on April 1st when I was little. However, I am still crossing my fingers that spring comes soon. 
I’m preparing myself to go back to school on Monday. I’m sure everyone who has finished school will still remember how horrible it is realizing the lazy days of a school break are coming to an end. Instead of doing homework I’ve been able to enjoy things I actually like, such as reading Elle and Harper’s Bazaar, catching up on Street Style blogs, and spending time with friends. 
I’ll be trying to make the most of my last two days of break this weekend! Hope all of your weekends are going well! 
~ Caroline

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