What I’m Reading, Watching, and Listening to

From what I’m binging on Netflix to the Podcasts you can’t miss! I’m excited to introduce Volume 1 of what I’m reading, watching, and listening to!


I wish I wasn’t, but guys I’m a serious TV addict! I got into a slump around the holidays with nothing new to watch, but since then I’ve binged a few new shows that you can’t miss.

  • Friends From College Season 2 –  Maybe it’s the NYC city setting or that I can totally picture these being my friends and I in 20 years (for better or worse), but I love this show! I binged all 7 episodes of Season 2 in 1 day. In my defense they’re 30 minute episodes! There were moments that truly had me laughing out loud like a crazy person while I was alone in my room.
  • Surviving R. Kelly – This docu-series truly blew me away. Partly because it is just so well done and partly because I’m ashamed that I didn’t know any of this history and have sung along to Ignition like anyone else on a night out. The series is a must watch in this day in age to remind us to believe victims and hold people, even famous ones, accountable. You can watch the whole series free on Lifetime.
  • YOU – I feel like everyone around me has been talking about YOU now that the whole season is available on Netflix! If you love CW shows then you’ll immediately be sucked into this one. You’ll probably never been able to look at Penn Badgley the same way, but it’s definitely worth it!

Also, one honorable mention – The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society movie is now available on Netflix and I LOVED it! If you’re a Lily James fan or are interested in WWII history it is a much watch!


I’ve been in a reading slump these last few months, but I got a few new books for Christmas and am trying to get back to reading before bed!

  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – Yes you read that correctly, the Philosopher’s Stone. My sister got me the British version of the 1st Harry Potter book with the cutest Gryffindor cover! To be honest I was one of those cheaters who skipped reading the first few Harry Potter books  so it’s been a lot of fun to go back and actually get the full story!


I survive long commutates in NYC with a number of podcasts and I’m always looking for new podcasting in that 20-40 minute sweet spot.

  • The Daily by the NY Times – I’m definitely behind the times (hah) with this podcast since it started back in January 2017, but listening to it has become my morning commute ritual. A new 25-30min episode is realized every weekday focusing on a different topic in the news (immigrations, government shut down, etc). As someone who wants doesn’t love politics this podcast is a great way to stay informed above just a 2 minute news clip.
  • Gladiator by the Boston Globe – This podcast was recommended from my favorite podcast (My Favorite Murder) and I’ve just started it, but am already sucked in. The podcast follows the story of Aaron Hernandez, a former NFL Patriots player, which ultimately ended in his arrest for murder and death in prison. The podcast is supposed to also go into more about the dangers of Football and culture of the NFL so I’m definitely interested for that portion to start. All that being said, you definitely don’t need to be a football fan  that will also be says it will not onlyAll of this happened while I was in high school in Massachusetts but I never paid much attention, so I’ve been excited to learn more about it all.

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