Outfit: White Blazer

{J.Crew chambray shirt, Aeropastale blazer, RD style pants, INC flats, Bauble Bar necklace}

Wearing a combination of this outfit has become seriously addicting. I know this is essentially the same look as I posted last week, but after picking up this white blazer when I got to the city it was all I wanted to wear to brunch. My friend found this blazer at Aeropastale for only $9 and it’s perfect. A white blazer has been on my wish list for a while since it’s fun for spring and can be worked into almost any outfit. 

Of course as we went outside to take pictures on Saturday it started to snow. What this meant is I took off my coat and gloves for approximately two minutes and then ran inside to sooth my numb fingers. 

Hope you all have a great Monday! Today is my first day of class, so wish me luck!

~ Caroline
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