Outfit: Not So Practical

{J.Crew chambray shirt, West Kel top, Zara Skirt, Forever 21 shoes, Timex watch}
I have this problem where I wear pants for days of nice weather and then the day I’m finally put together enough to wear a skirt or a dress the temperatures drop to 45 degrees and the rain comes. That is what happened last week when I wore this look to class. I was so happy to be able to wear some of my favorite winter pieces in a springy way {aka bare legs} and then it backfired when I had goosebumps everywhere.
Of course I’m doing the same thing this Monday morning, because who is put together enough to wear a skirt for an 8am class on a Monday? I’m sure not. It’s supposed to rain the rest of the week, so when you see my attempting to jump over puddles in a flowy skirt remind me to be a bit more practical with my outfit choices. 
Have a happy Monday!
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