Outfit: Navy & Turquoise

navydress-cutouts photo DSC_0937_zps9cc24d36.jpg photo b0c8622d-13b1-42c1-84db-25cb76339c82_zpse9ad3506.jpgnavydress-summerwedding photo DSC_0946_zpscedeea95.jpg photo c3047bee-1784-4d78-9346-88b3858424c1_zps2568eaaf.jpg
This summer I’ve had very few occasions to dress up, but last weekend I finally got the chance to put on a pretty dress and my favorite heels for my cousin’s wedding. The whole weekend celebrating her and her (now) husband was beautiful. The views of the rolling hills in the state park were absolutely incredible and the decorations were perfect. It rained all day on Saturday right up until 15 minutes before the ceremony started (if that isn’t good luck then I don’t know what is) and when the clouds cleared it made for a perfect night. 
Since the day was all about my beautiful cousin the bride I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of what I wore, but I just loved my dress and the accessories so much I had to share them. I found this adorable dress the night before the wedding and knew it was perfect. With the addition of gold accessories and a pop of color in the turquoise earrings the look felt perfectly summery. Of course since I had serious dancing plans (and am still recovering from my sprained ankle) my heels came off about a half hour into the reception and I opted for a flat pair of sandals instead. The whole evening was perfect and I couldn’t be happier for my cousin and her husband!
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