Outfit: Long Sweaters & Short Skirts

Happy Monday all! This is my last week of vacation and unfortunately I’ve left myself a LOT of things to do before I go back to school this weekend. I fall pretty easily into a pattern of doing nothing when I’m home, but it’s definitely time to get myself out of the lazy vacation mood and get back to work. 

One of the biggest things on my to-do list is finishing up the new When & Wear site that will be up a week from today. I really can’t wait to show it to you all since many hours of work have gone into creating a site that I absolutely love. 
For today though I have an outfit from a couple weeks ago with one of my favorite christmas gifts. This skirt doesn’t stray far from my leather loving style, but it’s a little different than anything I have! The etching on the skirt is just my favorite and it adds a little bit of a pop to an otherwise grey and black. Plus, it was only $10?!? Unfortunately, I found the skirt at TJ Maxx so I don’t have a direct link to it. 

 SHOP THE POST: Primark sweater // Gap tee // skirt vis TJ Maxx // Primark tights // Nordstrom BP boots

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