Outfit: Blogger Brunch

If you were to ask me what my favorite things are, two of the first things to come to mind would be blogging and brunch. So, it’s only fitting that I finally combined the two and met up with Dana of Pink Champagne Problems for brunch. After over a month of playing email tag Dana and I finally had our brunch date this past weekend. 
We started off taking these pictures in Washington Square Park and I have to tell you, bringing two bloggers together for outfit pictures is pretty hilarious. It may look like it was a beautiful day out, but it was really freaking cold and I most definitely fell for the sun and dressed like it was spring. Though not pictured here, there are more than a few pictures of each of us screaming as the wind whipped through the park. Plus, there was a pigeon who really wanted to be my friend and kept popping into the back of the pictures. 
After we were thoroughly frozen Dana and I headed over to Palma for a picture perfect and mouth watering brunch. Neither of us could decide between sweet and savory, but Dana definitely made the right choice with their french toast. 
All in all it was a pretty great Saturday morning and I absolutely love getting to connect with blogger buds in real life. If you haven’t seen Dana’s blog, Pink Champagne Problems, you must stop by and check it out. 
**All the items I’m wearing all ridiculously old, but below there are similar options for super affordable prices

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